The WAC Clearinghouse

Volume 19, August 2008

A National Journal for Writing Across the Curriculum

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Sustainability, Cognition, and WAC, Mark L. Waldo, University of Nevada, Reno

Writing and Learning in the Health Sciences: Rhetoric, Identity, Genre, and Performance, Irene L. Clark and Ronald Fischbach, California State University, Northridge

Can You Hear Us Now?: A Comparison of Peer Review Quality When Students Give Audio Versus Written Feedback, Julie Reynolds and Vicki Russell, Duke University

WAC Program Vulnerability and What to Do About It: An Update and Brief Bibliographic Essay, Martha Townsend, University of Missouri

A Conversation with a WAC Colleague: An Interview with Art Young, Xiaoli Li, Clemson University

Considering WAC from Training and Hiring Perspectives: An Interview with Irwin "Bud" Weiser of Purdue University, Carol Rutz, Carleton College

A Review of Engaged Writers and Dynamic Disciplines: Research on the Academic Writing Life, Jacob Blumner, University of Michigan–Flint

A Review of Reference Guide to Writing Across The Curriculum, Xiaoli Li and Dan Wu, Clemson University

Notes on Contributors

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