The WAC Clearinghouse

Volume 8, August 1997: Retrospective Issue

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Editor's Introduction

Strategies and Techniques

Using Drafts in History 231: American Economic Development (1989), by William L. Taylor (Response by Roy Andrews)

A Professor and Her Student Respond to Academic Journals (1990), by Mary-Lou Hinman and Beth A. Loring (Response by Mary-Lou Hinman)

Buffy, Elvis, and Introductory Psychology: Two Characters in Search of a Dialogue (1994), by David Zehr and Kathleen Henderson (Afterword by David Zehr)

The Circle (1992), by Meg Peterson (Back in the Circle by Meg Peterson)

The Inveterate Invertebrate Reporter (1992), by Larry Spencer (A backwards glance by Larry Spencer)

Modeling How We Think When We Write (1991), by Roy Andrews (An Afterword by Roy Andrews)

From Writing to Discussion (1990), by Katharine G. Fralick (From Partner and Group Pre-Writes to Discussions, by Katherine G. Fralick)

Exploring Voice in Business Writing (1994), by Daniel P. Moore (WAC Reflection - 'Unsticking the Voice', by Daniel P. Moore)

The QCS Method (1989), by Joel Funk (Response by Joel Funk)

Teaching Freshman Composition—Getting Started (1989), by Bonnie W. Epstein (Afterword by Bonnie W. Epstein)

Using Collaborative Techniques in a Speech Class (1989), by Richard M. Chisholm (Peer Coaching in a Speech Class, by Richard Chisholm)

Reflections on Theory

How I Started Using Writing Across the Curriculum and Ended Up Taking Algebra Again: A Review of Useful Works on Writing Across the Curriculum (1989), by Sally Boland (Goodbye, Ms. Goodwrench: Using Conversation to Motivate Student Thinking and Writing, by Sally Boland)

Iconology: An Alternate Form of Writing (1989), by Dennise Bartelo and Robert Morton (Iconography Revisited, by Dennise Bartelo and Robert Morton)

Writing Assignments in World Politics Courses (1990), by Thomas O. Schlesinger (Revisiting "Writing Assignments in World Politics Courses", Thomas O. Schlesinger)

Writing in the Computer Science Curriculum (1989), by William J. Taffe (Did I Really Write That? A Retrospective Introspection, by William J. Taffe)

Writing Experiences

Writing in the Capstone Experience: Psychology Encounters Literature (1993), by Henry E. Vittum and Robert S. Miller (Afterword by Henry E. Vittum and Robert S. Miller)

A Journal Revisited (1990), by Russell Lord (Visiting a Revisited Journal, by Russell Lord)

How WAC Changed My Life (1997), by Robert Hayden

Using Writing to Improve Student Learning of Statistics (1989), by Robert Hayden

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