The WAC Clearinghouse

Volume 3, 1991-1992

This volume of the Plymouth State University Journal on Writing Across the Curriculum was released in two issues, one in August 1991 and the other in May 1992. The tables of contents for each issue are listed below.

Open issue 3.1: 1,783K



Modeling How We Think When We Write, by Roy Andrews

Introducing Students to Peer Review of Writing, by Richard M. Chisholm

The "Factsheet" as a Tool for Teaching Logical Writing, by L.E. Modesitt, Jr.

Aphorisms, by Annette Mitchell

An Interview with Michelle Fistek, by Mary-Lou Hinman

Marine Biology: An Opportunistic Approach, by Roy Andrews

Open issue 3.2: 2,698K

Editor's Notes

The Power of Writing, by William J. Farrell

WAC: A Dean's View, by Theo J. Kalikow

Writing Values Across the Curriculum, by Roy Andrews

Research and Writing Assignments That Reduce Fear and Lead to Better Papers and More Confident Students, by Bob Fitzpatrick

Essay Exams, by Walter Tatara

Student Voices on Writing at Plymouth State University, by Mary-Lou Hinman

Computers and Composition: Do They Mix? by Russell Lord

"The Inveterate Invertebrate Reporter", by Larry Spencer

The Circle, by Meg Peterson-Gonzalez

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